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Long preoccupied with the regular and universal pattern of the grid, Perth-based artist Gera Woltjer has been scouring sites of urban architecture, construction and everyday domestic spaces, for grid patterns and grid-like materials. Her new print and photographic exhibition GR#D invites visitors to follow her on this visual journey, learning to appreciate just how fundamental grids are to the way we build, organize, and even think.


Curating materials in a bowerbird-like fashion, Woltjer has built up a treasure trove of both quotidian and specialist grids: square tiled panels, fencing, mesh, woven textiles, netting and tapes. Through layering, photographing and crucially, playing with these materials, the artist has produced a series of images and printed samples that appear to sit between art, design and experiment. The result is an exhibition that rejoices in the intricacy, repetition and mystery of the grid.

Perth Centre for Photography, 10 December 2022 – 18 February 2023

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