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Gera Woltjer’s artistic practice focuses on exploring the materiality of her chosen medium, aiming to observe and articulate aspects of the human condition, identity, and the complexity of patterns that occur naturally in the world around her.


Gera is of Dutch descent, and has settled in Perth after living in both Geraldton and Carnarvon, Western Australia. Her identity as a dual citizen is addressed both explicitly and implicitly in her work. The distinction of duality is frequent throughout her work and permeates through themes of identity, social and individual constructs as well as in nature. 


A recurring theme in her work is the conflict between the rigid control of structure and the uncontrollable fluidity of the natural form. This theme is not only evident in the final products of her artistic practice, but is also present in her creative process.


Gera is fascinated with harnessing naturally occurring movements in an aim to create her own. Her interest is evident as she is constantly observing the world around her, searching for these aesthetics of form and line in everyday life.


Gera’s curiosity about exploring the inner workings of both human and natural constructs is a driving force in her practice and creative process. Whether it is printmaking, installation, audio-visual or drawing, she embraces and exploits the performative nature of each of these mediums to create a tender and unique visual language.


Written by Alexa Magladry.

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