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project works


Garnizoenskerk, Ravenstein, The Netherlands

December 2016 - January 2017


Coördinaten is an unique collaboration between Gera Woltjer (AU) and Jos Verschaeren (NL). The artists researched the links, both past and present -  between their different living environments of Perth and Ravenstein. This research yielded surprising results, developed in moving installations, light projections and screen printing. The final exhibition, Coordinates took place in the Garnizoenskerk in Ravenstein. 

Photos by Maarten Wetsema

Pica Residency


Studio residency at the Perth Institute for Contemporary Art in 2014. During this residency the studio became a site for more in-depth studies into capturing movement in liquids through photography and video. 

Mine Own Executioner


This work was developed for Mine Own Executioner an exhibition about self-identity through self-portraiture, curated by Ron Nyisztor.


In the process of obtaining a dual citizenship, I find I am caught between multiple identities, languages, and homes, even to the point of questioning what and where is my home. After 17 moves in my life, ‘home’ is becoming less about a piece of soil and more a sense of self, of what I carry within, the place where I become myself. Home is not a static concept anymore. With so many people in the world on the move, I wonder what ‘my home’ really means. Only when I rise above myself do I create my identity, faithful to the old and new.

If You Open Your Eyes


A collaborative performance with Roxanne Grant as part of Geraldton's response to the Open Your Eyes Conference, Country Arts WA in 2011. This work is an ambient public performance held over three nights in the centre of the city.

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