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print works



These etchings are part of a body of work in which the seed pods of the Kurrajong Fruit are the principal motif. In these prints, the five barrelled, tough and leathery bodies of the seeds are disconnected from the core. Instead of zinc steel is used for these etchings. As well as the seed pods, the etching paper is torn apart and the segments are run through the press several times, each responding to the others until a balance is reached.



Persie’s world is as big as the sky above him and as endless as the sand grains under him. Merging with his shadow, he is running, playing, jumping and enjoying without reason. He inspires me. My dog. 

As part of the Big Sky Readers and Writers Festival 2011, six local female artists exhibited small works in the finite spaces of the Geraldton Universities Centre, site of festival events.  

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